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Pensions, Advocacy & Welfare Services

The Oakey RSL Sub-Branch Offers a FREE Pensions and Advocacy service that is staffed and operated by qualified Pensions Officers & Welfare officers.

Our Volunteer provides assistance on obtaining eligible benefits under the:


  • Veterans’ Entitlement Act (VEA) 1986
  • Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (SRCA)
  • Defence Related Claims ACT 1988 (DRCA) and
  • Military Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (MRCA) 2004

Experienced in lodging claims under the Veterans Entitlements Act (VEA), the Safety, Rehabilitation & Compensation Act (SRCA), (DRCA) and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA); Caring and qualified to practice in their areas of expertise; Able to draw on a wealth of operational and broad-based peacetime experience; and having served overseas and in the ADF for many years. 


Services We Offer


The Oakey Sub-Branch Pensions and Advocacy Service covers disability pensions, compensation payments, associated allowances, income support payments and treatment available to entitled veterans and former serving members of the Defence Forces and their dependents.


Seek Expert Advice


Due to the complexities involved in preparing initial claims under the VEA, SRCA, DRCA and MRCA, we recommend you seek the assistance of a Pensioners Officer (RSL or other ESO) who is qualified under the DVA sponsored Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP).

• Contact Chris Markham on 0419 628 188 or email: cjmark3@bigpond.com

Please ring to make ALL Appointments – NO Walk Ins